Model Validation for Scan to BIM Projects

BIM & Scan’s services company, MMA Consulting Engineers recently completed a large scan to BIM project which involved generating Revit BIM models from laser scan data for retail stores around Ireland. A key part of this project was the added benefit of using BIM & Scan AutoCorr™ for model validation. Without AutoCorr™ there is no easy way to validate and be sure that a model generated from scan data is correct and within the required tolerance. The alternative to using AutoCorrTM involves manual checking that is very time consuming, subjective and can easily result in critical issues being missed.

AutoCorr for Revit Users

For this project, the team of Revit technicians used AutoCorr™ on a daily basis to constantly check that their modelled BIM geometry and classifications were correct and within tolerance to the point cloud. AutoCorr™ automatically creates a colourised point cloud which highlights any differences between a model and point cloud greater than a specified tolerance (Figure 1). AutoCorr™ also automatically creates BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) issues with viewpoints to easily track issues (Figure 2). The daily AutoCorr™ results provided certainty to the team of Revit technicians that their work was correct and immediately highlighted areas and objects that were left to be modelled. If there were any incorrect model components, these were highlighted by AutoCorr™, and a modeller was able to quickly spot and correct it. AutoCorr™ speeded up the overall modelling process as it made it easier and quicker for Revit users to check their work in addition to highlighting remaining items that they
had left to model.

AutoCorr for the Project Manager

The project manager on this project used AutoCorr™ on a daily basis to track the progress of the project. The automatic colourised point cloud from AutoCorr™ showed the project manager exactly what areas were left to be modelled in addition to highlighting anything that was out-of-tolerance that needed to be corrected. BIMcollab, a cloud-based issue collaboration platform was used to track and manage model issues between the different project team members. BIMcollab ZOOM software was used to visualise the AutoCorrTM results which included the colourised E57 point cloud and BCF issues with viewpoints.

AutoCorr for the QA Team

As the quality and completeness of the models were constantly being checked on a daily basis with AutoCorr™, this meant the final QA process involved minimal work. Using AutoCorr™, the final models were quickly validated to make sure nothing was missed, and everything was modelled within tolerance. If anything was missed or modelled incorrectly it was automatically highlighted red in the AutoCorr™ colourised point cloud. This provided certainty that each model was completed to the highest quality and was ready to be issued to the client. The AutoCorr™ results were also issued with the models to the client as proof of the quality of the model. Issuing the AutoCorr™ results provides evidence that everything is modelled and within the required tolerance.


Using BIM & Scan AutoCorr™ for model validation on this scan to BIM project resulted in huge time and cost savings in addition to removing the subjectivity around the quality and completeness of the final models issued to the client. AutoCorr™ provided evidence that nothing was missed, and everything was modelled within tolerance. AutoCorr™ proved to be very useful on this project and is an essential tool for MMA Consulting Engineers future scan to BIM projects.

BIM Tools Mentioned in this Article:

1) BIM & Scan® AutoCorr

A cloud-based solution used for comparing IFC models to E57 point clouds within a user specified tolerance.

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2) BIMcollab Issue Management

The cloud-based issue collaboration platform for managing BCF issues that AutoCorr™ finds and BCF files you (might) already have from each stakeholder.

Click here to create a free account.

3) BIMcollab ZOOM

A popular validation tool and perfect for visualising AutoCorr™ inputs and results (IFC, E57 and BCF files).

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AutoCorr Results
Figure 1: AutoCorr™ colourised point cloud highlighting anything out of tolerance or not modelled in red.
Figure 2: AutoCorr™ BCF issues visualised using BIMcollab ZOOM software.
Figure 3: AutoCorr™ colourised point cloud highlighting anything out of tolerance or not modelled in red.