AutoCorr Pricing

Pricing Plan

10 Credits
  • On Demand Pricing
  • 10 Credits for 300 Euro
  • One Credit is one comparison or validation of an IFC file and point cloud.
  • Credits are valid for one month from the time of purchase

Frequently Asked Question

What is AutoCorr?

BIM & Scan AutoCorr™ is a tool developed by BIM & Scan for automatic BIM model validation with scan data. BIM & Scan AutoCorr™ automatically highlights any variations between a point cloud and model using a specified tolerance. The output is a colour-coded point cloud which highlights all variations within the specified tolerance.

What file formats can I upload when using the software?

Point clouds should be uploaded in E57 (.e57) format and should contain ordered scans that include scan positions and with a maximum size of 8GB. BIM models should be formatted as IFC 2×3 Coordination View 2.0 MVD (.ifc) with correct IFC entities as per the IFC 2X3 schema. The point cloud (.e57) and the IFC2x3 CV2.0 Model View must be registered to the same coordinate system.

Do you offer a full design consulting service?

Yes. Our sister company MMA Consulting Engineers act as our services offering partner. Contact for information

Can I license the software to use on my own site?

BIM & Scan AutoCorr™ is a “Cloud” based software that allows a user to upload their model and point cloud and download the results from any internet accessible workstation. 

What is AutoGen?

BIM & Scan AutoGen is an Automated solution for generating a BIM base model from a Point Cloud 30x faster than manual practices.

What tolerance levels does the software work to?

The tolerance can be set by the user between 5mm and 200mm.

Do you offer 24/7/365 support?

Our Support center is open during normal working hours Mon-Fri 08:30 – 18:00.

What are the benefits of using the BIM & Scan software?

1.      As-Built Validation: Does the handover BIM model match what was built?

2.      Scan-to-BIM Validation: How accurate is a model generated from a scan?

3.      Construction Monitoring: Does the ongoing construction match the agreed design?